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The new command center for your sales process

From leads, pipelines to contracts, Synergo is where your entire sales pipelines lives.

Learn how sales teams use Synergo for:
Source: Maria Kotyshova 

Streamline your sales cycle

Simplify sales by bringing the tools your team uses every day into Synergo

See CRM details on the fly

Share important account details and respond to inbound leads faster with real-time updates from your pipeline to email directly to your #sales or #marketing groups and reminders that won’t get lost in inboxes.

Unlock pipeline visibility and accuracy

Quickly get a birds-eye view on where each deal stands with real-time information, discuss critical deal flow as a team any time.

Automate the pipeline to appraisal process

#datasourceit - use Synergo's innovative data source feature to auomatically link your pipeline results with company goals & salesperson appraisals to ensure the highest accuracy in your evaluations.

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Celebrate wins together

Give successes the attention they deserve: Celebrate together as a team, no matter which office you’re in. Synergo lets you express congratulations with an emoji rather than a reply-all email. Create purposeful Groups such as:

New Deals

Connect this Group to multiple sales pipelines from all regions, and only receive notifications on won deals. Give reactions and give Praises to superstar salespeople

Product Updates

Keep your sales team in the loop with the newest product launches to ensure that they are equipped with the latest information to share with potential customers.


Smoother Hand-offs, Happier Customers

After the big sales win, make sure your customer receives the care they need. In Synergo, information is organized and accessible, so new accounts can be seamlessly onboarded.

Turn customer feedback into action

Create customer support Groups between your team and your customers and convert customer messages into Issues that are directly added to your Issue Tracking workflow. Communicate clearly with customers by easily by showing progress and people involved through a shared Kanban.

Automate the pre-sales to post-sales transition

Create custom automation rules to automate the information transfer from sales to customer success – automatically copy the account from the sales pipeline to the customer onboarding workflow, let SygoBot find and notify the correct account manager with ready-made implementation schedules.

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