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Harness the power of shared team knowledge

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Foster knowledge & competency growth


Your organization's intergrated learning center

Standardize & develop talent via shared knowledge hub within your organization & prescribing competency assessments to ensure that your workforce continues to improve.

Create Custom Courses (company-specific manuals, SOPs, etc.) & Quizzes, upload E-Learning Material (Videos, PDFs, etc.). & can maintain a knowledge center that's always accessible from all devices.

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Combine feedback & learning 

Create learning curriculum & link learning progress to core & functional competencies to ensure continuous holistic growth and a more objective method of assessing competencies. 

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Learning Analytics & Insights

Quickly view course completions, compare learning effectiveness between each team member & conduct Skill Gap Analyses to prescribe more effective & targeted learning material.


Why Synergo?



Access all your required learning material from anywhere & reduce on-site training spend. Download to your mobile device to easily review even without internet access.


Integrated Talent Tools

Directly use learning courses to assess employee performance & succession readiness. Build strong talent pipelines with competency-specific material. 


Drive Self-Learning

Quickly upskill new employees & Encourage existing team members to take initiative in their own career development by allowing them to access all of your available learning material.

Give your team a better learning experience today - it's free to try

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